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Our Services

Shellharbour Sports Physio has a real interest in getting members of the community back to their chosen sports/hobbies after injury as quickly as possible. We are are a firm believer in not having to stop exercising (unless it is absolutely necessary!) Our physios work with you to modify the amount/type of exercise temporarily to enable the injured tissues to recover and then progressively strengthen.


Shellharbour Sports Physio is a hands-on clinic. We provide one-on-one treatment so there is no rushing between patients. Our list of services include:


Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy

  • massage

  • joint mobilisation/manipulation

  • dry needling

  • muscle stretching

  • exercises to help your injury



Dry needling is a technique which is sometimes used as part of your physiotherapy treatment. It can stimulate a neuromuscular reflex to relax a tight muscle, and can often work well with massage.


Exercise Prescription for Arthritis

If your injury is not quite bad enough for surgery, or if you are trying to avoid having a surgery, Shellharbour Sports Physio can tailor a specific physiotherapy program to help you improve...

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WorkCover /
CTP Claims

Shelharbour Sports Physio welcomes Workcover and Third Party Claims. We help you to understand your injury, create a treatment plan and organise a referral for imaging and...

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Physiotherapist Matt Klaczkiewicz has been covering a mix of soccer and Australian Rules football weekend sports coverage for the past 10 years in Sydney and Shellharbour...


The AxIT System

The AxIT system is a group of electronic devices that are able to accurately measure the forces we can produce in different positions. This means that we can accurately measure the strength and power for any muscle in your body and measure...


Boots, Braces,
& Strapping

Shellharbour Sports Physio has a wide range of stock to help rest and offload your injury (if needbe) while it heals so you can get back to light training and exercise ASAP.


DVA and Medicare

Shellharbour Sports Physio does accept Medicare CDM referrals which help to subsidise up to 5 treatments each calendar year.

DVA White Card and Gold Card veterans are most welcome.



Shellharbour Sports Physio is a hands-on clinic that uses a wide range of massage techniques to help relieve tension in tight muscles and restore joint mobility.

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Matt has more than 10 years experience assisting patients in their recovery after surgery. ACL reconstructions, knee replacements, hip replacements, rotator cuff repairs and more.



We can provide services to  self managed and plan managed NDIS clients.

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Our experienced physiotherapist may suspect that your injury requires further assessment.

We can tell you what scans you need and either write you a referral or a letter to your GP to...

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